❝ I am not a graceful person. I am not a Sunday morning or a Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2am, I am gunshots muffled by a few city blocks, I am a broken window during February. My bones crack on a nightly basis. I fall from elegance with a dull thud, and I apologize for my awkward sadness. I sometimes believe that I don’t belong around people, that I belong to all the leap days that didn’t happen. The way light and darkness mix under my skin has become a storm. You don’t see the lightning, but you hear the echoes.
—  Anna Peters (via miluneun)
❝ ある日、あなたは涙で目を覚ますとき、
one day when you wake up in tears,

あなたの側で 1 つをするしたいのですが
i want to be the one by your side

to tell you

“it’s okay, it was just a dream.
—  (via yumoirs)


Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure


#ugh this ep is absolutely my favorite #here I started to love them and never stop #because their love was epic #the way they love each other was.. #I just can’t. 

Elena so done with Damon




how do people on tumblr become so interesting that people actually willingly ask them about their life like i’ve been here for 3 years and i’m pretty sure half of you don’t even know my name

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